Hi Friends!

My name is Kara. I have been doing full-time photo and video work for about 5 years now. After graduating in 2015 from Judson University I tried to be sensible and get a “real” job, but my creative side was always pulling me in a different direction. In the summer of 2016 I quit my job and decided to take on a new life adventure…best decision I have ever made.

To date I have done over 70 weddings and countless photography projects / portrait sessions. Best part of my job is making memories, and having a blast with my clients.

Aside from my work I am an avid outdoorsy girl, singer, coffeeshop goer, binger watcher, and restaurant connoisseur. I’m also married to the love of my life who occasionally will occupancy me as a second shooter. We are in love with our Dog child Kemper and will talk about him any chance that we get.

Recent travels have taken me to:

Glacier National Park – Montana

Acadia National Park – Maine

Nashville, TN

Telluride, CO

Anywhere my car will take me in the Midwest


“Life is not what you experience, it’s what allows you to experience.”  I believe that this life is meant to be lived with all that we have. That is what makes photography so exhilarating to me. Capturing each experience with a memory helps remind myself to keep creating and enjoying all that life has to offer.

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